Thursday, September 23, 2004

Mixtape Reviews and Heaterz

DJ Clue Presents: The Cherry Lounge
For those who don't know, the Cherry Lounge is the nightclub Clue co-owns with Timbaland; the grand opening was last week. That said, on to the main attraction:

Standout tracks:
Desert Storm Freestyle ft Fabolous, Joe Buddens, Paul Cain, and A-Team: The Desert Storm wolves take turns feasting on this "Money, Power, Respect"- sampled track. Fab and Buddens bring the usual heat, and Paul Cain delivers a verse I didn't feel compelled to fast forward through after ten seconds- a first in my book.
Jay Z and R. Kelly: "Big Chips": Hov and Kells exchange verses on a hot track that could have been called The Fiesta Remix- Part 5.
Nas ft Olu Dara: "Bridging the Gap": Nas and his father collab on a blues-influenced banger. Expect to hear comparisons to Jay's "December 4th".
Busta Rhymes ft Spliff Star and Raekwon:"Coke Dealings": Rae kills it; can we get that Cuban Linx sequel now?
NORE ft Nature: "For a Minute": This joint should run the clubs this fall.
Stack Bundles ft La La: I resisted the temptation to front on this joint and skip it. The verdict: dont sleep on the VJ. Speaking of VJs, whats up with a Free/La La collab? I'm sure it's some Viacom exec's wet dream waiting to happen, trust.

P- Cutta and DJ Vlad Present: Beef II - The Mixtape
Mr. Street Wars and The Butcher team up to deliver more beef than an Atkins menu. I'd do a breakdown, but ya'll should already be up do date on the status of most of these battles, courtesy of previous mixtape reviews. At any rate, I will say that "Stomp" is my favorite joint on here, and this version should have stayed on the album.

And now, on to today's Heaterz:
Eminem: "Just Lose It" (link courtesy of Young Rome)
GAME: "Where I'm From" and "Higher" (pardon the radio rip,folks)
Ciara: "The Title"
Miri Ben Ari ft Joe Buddens: "You Can Get It From Me"
Talib Kweli: "Beautiful Struggle" :
You join an organization that know Black history/
But ask em how they plan to make money and it's a mystery/
Lookin for the remedy but you can't see whats hurtin you/
Revolutions here, the revolution's personal.
Lines like this are why this song's my anthem right now.

Friday, September 17, 2004


Todays edition of Heaterz:
Ali Vegas: "Stay Ali" : New joint from the self-declared Prince of NY
Lloyd Banks ft 50 Cent: "Ya'll Niggaz Starving":The long- anticiapted G-Unit/Nas battle is underway. Nothing direct here, 50 just makes it clear that a more blatant dis is on the way for Nas and Shyne. Edit: You also get tracks 2-7 from the Big Mike Professional Hood Shit mixtape when you download this.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Mixtape Review and Heaterz

Streetsweepers Presents:The Mixmasters
Standout tracks:
Papoose ft Canibus Freestyle: Lyrical gymnastics from 'Bis and the Streetsweeper rookie.
Alchemist ft the Lox: "The Essence":The YO representatives murder this Alchemist track. Jada should have had more tracks from Al on Kiss of Death.
Fat Joe: "Victim": Fat Joe displays a Jay Z-ish flow over a Cool and Dre-produced track. Illest line: "I'm an '88 nigga, real old school/Pull the ratchet out and show you the meaning of Pro Tools".
Benzino ft 2Pac and Freddie Foxx: "Trying To Make It Through": Yeah right
Jadakiss ft Styles P,Common, and Nas:"Why Remix": You should already know how hot this joint is by now.

Todays Heaterz:
NORE: "Get Down" (right click and save,mp3)
Jay Z ft R Kelly: "Big Chips" (right click and save,mp3)
Ciara ft Ludacris: "Oh" (right click and save,mp3)


Shout Outs

Street Dreams passed the 1000 unique visitors mark recently,and I'd like to give some shout outs to blogs that have linked here;thanks for the traffic guys:
Beats and Rants 2.2
Notes From a Different Kitchen
No Frontin

In addition, shout outs to Twintellect, Jafar, Lynne, and Buttercup for your comments.


Thursday, September 09, 2004


Today's edition of Necessary,where I highlight some things I need in my life:

A wireless broadband TV from Sony. Check the preview at PCWorld.

The Motorola a630 that I first posted on back in July. Its a 2way/cameraphone, and has already started making the requisite appearances in videos.

The unpronounceable oqo, the illest handheld PC I've ever seen.

The Rolls Royce 100ex, also known as the Phantom convertible. A man's gotta dream,right?


Thursday, September 02, 2004

Quick News and New Heaterz

The Kanye,Game, and Ludacris banger "Whole City Behind Us" will be featured in a commercial for Boost Mobile; the video/commercial (there's a difference?) starts airing next week.

Ya'll tellin me that I need to get out and vote/
Huh, why?
Aint nobody Black/
Nothin but crack-ers,so...
Ten years after spitting these lyrics, Andre 3000 is documenting his political maturity in an upcoming HBO film.

Check the Fortune Small Business feature on Damon Dash.

Todays Heaterz:
Nas: "Good Morning" (left click,Real Audio)
Talib Kweli ft Mary J Blige: "I Try" (left click,Windows Media)
Mos Def: "Sex,Love,and Money" (left click)