Thursday, September 02, 2004

Quick News and New Heaterz

The Kanye,Game, and Ludacris banger "Whole City Behind Us" will be featured in a commercial for Boost Mobile; the video/commercial (there's a difference?) starts airing next week.

Ya'll tellin me that I need to get out and vote/
Huh, why?
Aint nobody Black/
Nothin but crack-ers,so...
Ten years after spitting these lyrics, Andre 3000 is documenting his political maturity in an upcoming HBO film.

Check the Fortune Small Business feature on Damon Dash.

Todays Heaterz:
Nas: "Good Morning" (left click,Real Audio)
Talib Kweli ft Mary J Blige: "I Try" (left click,Windows Media)
Mos Def: "Sex,Love,and Money" (left click)