Monday, October 04, 2004

Album Reviews, News, and Heaterz

My enthusiasm for the title track notwithstanding, The Beautiful Struggle is trash. Hit up Mocash or Quarterwit for a more indepth analysis. I haven't seen fan backlash like this since Nastradamus dropped.

Byron Crawford gives the most accurate album review of the year. As expected, the Guerilla Black album is horrible. Not ordinary record label gimmicky horrible, but blasphemously headache inducing horrible.

The winner of this weekend's MC battle at the Mixshow Power Summit was Jin. He defeated Wrekognize, Shellz, and Jae Millz for the cash prize (50 grand) and a new car. You can hear the battle for yourself here (right click/save save as,mp3).

Quick question: Is Black owned? What about

"Higher" by Game (right click/save as,mp3)
Eminem freestyle (right click/save as,mp3)