Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Since I last posted:

I hit up the R Kelly-less Best of Both Worlds concert at Madison Square Garden. The all star lineup that was assembled was easily a better show than one with just Jay and Kells would have been. What all star lineup, you ask? Busta,Q Tip, Raekwon, Slick Rick, Dougie Fresh,State Property, Memphis Bleek, Kanye West, Puffy, Black Rob, Fabolous, TI, Foxy, Ja Rule, Snoop, and Mary J Blige all lit up the Garden. Definitely worth my $260.

Ron Artest lost his mind.

ODB passed. Check Honeys radioblog tribute.

With $75 million now at stake, I underestimated the gamble of touring with R Kelly by about $71 million.

Eminem dropped a lukewarm album.Ditto for Nas.

Destinys Child fell off. More specifically, Michelle fell on her ass. All jokes aside, the new albums worth copping.

Bush tapped Condoleeza (in a new position, no less).

Wealth and fame officially replaced race as the passport to justice in America.

Young Buck starred in a new video, ensuring another 500,000 sales for Straight Outta Cashville.