Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Daily Dose and Heaterz

Todays Daily Dose:
If you've lost track of whos saying what in the ongoing 50 Cent vs Fat Joe,Nas and Jadakiss beef, check the March 2nd news post over at I'm surprised there isnt a blog dedicated to this stuff yet.
Check these articles on Whoo Kid and Clinton Sparks, who should both be picking up some hardware at the Mixtape Awards tonight.
I also found some audio of Shade 45 interviews with Jay Z and 50 Cent.
Speaking of 50, expect a Nintedo DS licensing deal soon.
I've started a new blog,Strictly Business, where my first project will be tracking product placement in hip hop videos.
And surprise surprise, 50's preparing to call a truce to his beef with Game as I finish this post.
RIP BIG. Anybody find a radioblog tribute, feel free to link to it the comment section. Does Honey Soul take requests?
Todays Heater:
Theres a slew of remixes for Amerie's "1 Thing" floating around,but this one by Mick Boogie (right click,save as)featuring Jay Z is one of the best. It uses Jays verse from "Do You Like It" featuring Puff.