Friday, March 11, 2005

Daily Dose and Heaterz

Todays Daily Dose:
Jay Z is in talks to produce music for the upcoming Scarface video game. I think most of the groundwork for this deal was already done, considering that Def Jam already produced a featurette and "Music Inspired By" CD for the Scarface Anniversary Edition DVD.
Damon Dash has his hands full promoting upcoming albums for Sigel and ODB, so I'm going to lend a hand in promoting two of his upcoming films: Death of a Dynasty and State Property 2.
Apparently disappointed by the end of the 50/Game beef, the mainstream press is fast at work promoting the 50/Jadakiss situation; Jada thinks the media is grasping for straws.

Fat Joe responds to "Piggybank" with "Fuck 50"
Jada provides a much more lyrical and comedic reply with "Checkmate"